Toward a Network Topology of Enterprise Transformation and Innovation

Author: Takis Damaskopoulos
Series: Study
Publication Date: January 2003
Category: Premium Membership

In the emerging new economy, innovation constitutes the foundation of the competitiveness and value-creation capabilities of economic organizations. Innovation has emerged as a strategic issue because of the disarticulation of established economic and social structures and processes that the knowledge-driven economy and society bring in their path. However, innovation is not something happening “inside” organizations but rather at the networked interfaces of organizations with the business, regulatory, and institutional environments within which they operate. The process of innovation is increasingly driven by open-source networks of cooperation and involves dynamic interrelationships between technological transformations, organizational capabilities of firms, and public institutional and regulatory structures supportive of innovation and entrepreneurship.

This study, which was presented at the Transforming Enterprise Conference at the US Department of Commerce held on the 27-28 January 2003 in Washington (, explores the dynamic interrelationships between technological transformations, firms’ organizational knowledge-creating capabilities, emerging market and industry structures, and public institutions involved in the innovation process in the transition to the knowledge economy.