Governance, Policies and Legal Conditions for Access to MarketGovernance, Policies and Legal Conditions for Access to Market through Extended and Dynamic Clustering of SMEs

Author: Takis Damaskopoulos
Series: White Paper
Publication Date: May 2009
Category: Premium Membership

This White Paper constitutes the concluding document of the EFFORT project. It presents the key policy and research recommendations that emerge out of the different streams of research and stakeholder engagement of the project. It identifies the domains for intervention in terms of policy, law and regulation, technology, and governance at EU, national and regional levels for the facilitation of extended and dynamic clustering. It offers ‘parametric' reflections and recommendations on each of these domains at the level of the unit of analysis of the EFFORT project, namely, cluster and cross-regional extended and dynamic clustering.

The document is structured around the thematic areas that have been elaborated in WP1 “Conceptual Framework and Methodology” which provided the focal points of the different research activities of the project and its stakeholder engagement strategy. It is organized in the following sections:

  • Section 1 Extended and dynamic clustering: background and key concepts;
  • Section 2 Toward extended and dynamic cluster-based regional economic policy;
  • Section 3 Institutions, strategy and policy;
  • Section 4 Organizational structure and process;
  • Section 5 Law and regulation;
  • Section 6 ICT infrastructure, uses, and policy;
  • Section 7 Governance;
  • Section 8 Future policy and research directions and priorities.