Skills and Labour Market Evaluation across the OECDSkills and Labour Market Evaluation in the Biotechnology, Mechatronics, Laser and Information Fields across the OECD

Author: Takis Damaskopoulos
Series: Study
Publication Date: January 2008
Category: Premium Membership

This study constitutes an initial part of the Lithuania Skills and Labour Market Evaluation project. The objective of the project is to analyze and assess the current state of the labour market conditions, the skills demand and supply dynamics, and the drivers of future specialist demand in four areas of high technology research and development: biotechnology, mechatronics, laser technologies, and information technologies (HT4). The project is structured around two stages of development. Stage I develops a methodology in the field of specialist demand analysis in the HT4. Stage II involves the implementation of a pilot project on specialist demand in the HT4 in Lithuania.

This study constitutes part of Stage I of the project. Its objective is to systematically and transparently gather, and analyze empirical research conducted by government and international bodies, peer-reviewed analytical articles, and practical experiences in the analysis and prediction of specialist skills demand and supply in the HT4. It presents its findings on the current situation in specialist demand and supply in the HT4 across member countries of the OECD, and on the basis of available data develops perspectives on future demand.