EIIR Business Advisory offers expert advices in the fields of strategy, policy and regulation, economic, innovation and technology.
Drawing on its intellectual capital and the outputs of its research, EIIR Business Advisory provides management consulting services to international institutions, multinational corporations, SMEs, non-profits and governments in three distinctive areas:

    Firm Competitiveness and Growth

  • Competitive Strategy
  •   Gaining competitive advantages through a distinctive way a company can compete in a particular business that exploits profitable differences from the competition

  • Location, Internationalization and Global Strategy
  •   Developing competitive advantages through a global strategy that spreads company’s activities in multiple international locations to harness their locational advantages

  • Innovation Capability
  •   Enhancing company’s performance and growth of productivity through radical and incremental changes to products, processes, services and ways of managing to master and maintain holistic value-creating dynamics

  • Technology Strategy
  •   Improving company’s competitiveness through the use of information technologies that support the organisation's overall business strategy and plans

    Economic Development and Competitiveness Building Strategies

  • National Competitiveness
  •   Building nation’s competitiveness through the development of national macroeconomic policies and institutional, political, and regulatory frameworks that shape the level of productivity with which a country can produce goods and services

  • Cluster Development
  •   Increasing the quality of the microeconomic environment through geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, specialised suppliers, service providers, and associated institutions in a particular field that are supported by the economic, business and institutional infrastructure of a nation or region

  • States, Regions and Cities Competitiveness
  •   Building states, regions and cities competitiveness through the development of regional or local macroeconomic policies and strategies that condition the quantity and quality of specialised skills, the economic, business and institutional infrastructure, the availability of technology, and the presence of clusters

  • Cross-National Regions Strategy
  •   Enhancing nation’s competitiveness and economic development through the coordination of macroeconomic policies and strategies across national regions among neighbouring countries

  • Innovation Capacity
  •   Developing nation’s competitiveness through innovation capacity building programs that strengthen the macroeconomic environment in areas such as the intensity of scientists and engineers in the workforce, the degree of protection of intellectual property or the sophistication and productivity of clusters, and foster more effective ways for governments, industry and academia to work together

    Public Governance, Institutions and Economic Development

  • Private Sector Development
  •   Supporting nation’s economic development through government policies for market economy reforms that foster private sector led growth and financial market development

  • Public-Private Partnerships
  •   Improving nation’s public governance through the cooperation with the private sector on the way public services or public infrastructure are produced and delivered, and that results in a mutual beneficial partnering frameworks

  • E-Government
  •   Increasing public administration effectiveness in the provision of public services to citizens and businesses through the development of the institutional, policy and legal frameworks as well as the use of information and communication technologies solutions for implementing e-Government

  • Regulatory Management and Public Administration Reform
  •   Enhancing state modernisation through the implementation of high quality regulatory programmes and the adoption of administrative simplification procedures that facilitate trade, investment, innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Program Design and Evaluation
  •   Improving national policies and support to research, development and innovation investment through the design and evaluation of state aid framework and sector-specific structural funds to build competitive advantages

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About EIIR Business Advisory

EIIR Business Advisory is the Advisory Department of the European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (EIIR), a leading independent not-for-profit Think Tank. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals is composed of seasoned individuals having advisory experience at leading public and private sector organisations and a proven track record in serving private corporations, international agencies, governments and non-profit organisations including the European Commission, the OECD, the Regional Government of Umbria (Italy), the Government of Uzbekistan to name but a few. EIIR Business Advisory’s experts are able to serve clients in Chinese, English, French, Hindi and Marathi. Although operating under a single brand, EIIR Business Advisory is a distinct and complete separate business entity, which is privately owned by its managing partners.

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