Leading Trends in Regional Business Incubation Systems: Implications for the Region of Umbria
Procuring Authority: Umbria Innovazione
Regional incubators confront significant challenges. In particular, they face an emerging economic and business environment that is characterized by tactical and strategic uncertainty regarding the composition of organizational elements, the roles and competencies of key actors in the process of incubation and acceleration, the appropriate utilization of technologies, the appropriate management and business models and financial models for sustainable incubation.

The study explores the above issues in international context in order to extract operational and managerial principles that can be applied to the regional specificities of Umbria. The study aims to help Umbria Innovazione to make informed decisions on the following points:

  • How to identify the best methodology for a regional business incubator

  • How to develop an optimum organizational model for a regional business incubator

  • How to identify the most efficient methodology for the implementation of an ‘enabling framework’ that will effect the best utilization of technologies

  • How to identify the key features of the governance, management, financial and marketing strategy for successful incubation

  • How to design and deliver the services and ‘clustering’ activities that enable sustainable incubation of high-tech start-up firms

The project provides a framework to ensure that effort and resources are applied in the most productive and effective ways possible and sets out a preliminary roadmap for the development of sustainable outcomes for business incubation tailored to the needs of the region of Umbria. The project identifies the performance domains common to all forms of business incubation, where these principles are to be translated into action. These are the following:

  • Governance and management of incubation and acceleration

  • The enterprise development program of incubation and acceleration

  • The marketing strategy of incubation and acceleration

  • The physical facility and general business service

  • The financial model of business incubation and acceleration

  • Technology transfer