Encyclopedia of Virtual Communities and Technologies

Editor: Subhasish Dasgupta (George Washington University)

ISBN: 1-59140-563-7
Number of pages: 620 pages
Publisher: Idea Group

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Advances in computer and telecommunications technologies during the past several decades, have facilitated the creation of virtual communities and organizations throughout the world. The Encyclopedia of Virtual Communities and Technologies provides the most inclusive coverage of the concepts and realities in the field of virtual communities and technologies. The hundreds of entries included in this encyclopedia have been authored by 142 leading international researchers, presenting an in-depth analysis of conceptual, technical, and the impacts of virtual environments in our global village. In addition, over 100 entries provide coverage of different types of virtual communities, their social status and impact, and individual and group behavior in these communities. This encyclopedia also offers coverage of upcoming and emerging technologies for virtual communities human-computer interfaces, new networking, mobile computing, web services, and synchronous and asynchronous environments.

Dr. Takis Damaskopoulos’ (with Dr. Rimanatas Gatautis) research paper Developing Virtual Communities in Transition Economies: A perspective on Lithuania presented in this book examines the case of Lithuania in its transition to the new economy.