Social and Economic Transformation in the Digital Era

Editors: Georgios Doukidis (Athens U. of Economics & Business), Nikolaos Mylonopoulos (ALBA), Nancy Pouloudi (Athens U. of Economics & Business)

ISBN: 1-59140-158-5
Number of pages: 350 pages
Publisher: Idea Group Publishing

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The advent of the Information Society is marked by the explosive penetration of information technologies in all aspects of life and by a related fundamental transformation in every form of the organization. Researchers, business people and policy makers have recognized the importance of addressing technological, economic and social impacts in conjunction. For example, the rise and fall of the dot-com hype depended a lot on the strength of the business model, on the technological capabilities available to firms and on the readiness of the society and economy at large sustain a new breed of business activity. However, it is notoriously difficult to examine the cross-impacts of social, economic and technological aspects of the Information Society. This kind of work requires multidisciplinary work and collaboration on a wide range of skills by assembling the latest thinking of leading researchers and policy makers.

Dr. Takis Damaskopoulos’ research paper Network Topology of the New Economy: Organisational Passages from Knowledge to Innovation presented in the Section IV - Organizing and Managing Knowledge Work - of this book develops a framework of analysis of the emerging organizational network topology of the new knowledge-driven economy in order to identify critical factors that underpin sustainable processes of innovation.