Transforming Enterprise: The Economic and Social Implications of Information Technology

Editors: William H. Dutton (U. of Oxford), Ramon O'Callaghan (Tilburg U.), Andrew W. Wyckoff (OECD), Brian Kahin (U. of Michigan)

ISBN: 0-262-04221-5
Number of pages: 528 pages
Publisher: MIT Press

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Innovators across all sectors of society are using information and communication technology to reshape economic and social activity. Even after the boom -- and despite the bust -- the process of structural change continues across organizational boundaries. Transforming Enterprise considers the implications of this change from a balanced, post-bust perspective.

Dr. Takis Damaskopoulos’ research paper Toward a Network Topology of Enterprise Transformation and Innovation presented in the Chapter III - Networks and Organizations - of this book examines new organizational models, as seen in the interlocking and overlapping networks made possible by the Internet.