EIIR is an associative network organisation designed to access, organize and leverage knowledge and expertise, of high-calibre scientific, research, and policy talent. Its modus operandi involves flexible formations of teams of experts from diverse scientific origins and compositions of skills and competencies which are organized and deployed according to specific scientific, research, industrial and policy objectives.

This agile network structure provides both the ability to conduct high-quality, independent research and the capacity to interact effectively with stakeholders and partners involved in EIIR's research activities. The EIIR network is composed of leading research and academic institutions, research-oriented corporations and governmental organizations across the European Union, North America and Eastern and Central Europe. 

EIIR's funding is exclusively project-driven and composed of research projects funded by international bodies such as the European Commission, and the OECD, national and regional governments, and private organizations. This diversified funding base as a key principle that ensures EIIR’s scientific and research independence.