CONCORD (2011- 2014)
Coordination and collaboration facilitation for the Next Generation FI PPP (Future Internet Public Private Partnerships)
Contact: Dr. Takis Damaskopoulos

CONCORD will coordinate and facilitate the alignment of FI PPP activities to ensure the relevance, rigor and robustness of the co-created Future Internet concepts, visions and roadmaps. The methodology used is an applied SECI model with a spiral development process. CONCORD advocates fair, open and inclusive procedures for the supported parties to achieve commonly agreed goals. Reflecting this, CONCORD creates an open and transparent decision-making mechanism and collaborative environment where in a systematic manner, all projects contribute to , and are accountable for, their contributions towards the success of the FI PPP Programme as a whole.

CONCORD will facilitate horizontal cross-project knowledge transfer and co-creation on various collaboration levels, as well as with the related external groups. It will further support the projects’ integration and implementation with the development of guidelines regarding the handling of technical and non-technical horizontal functionalities related to standardization, legal frameworks, SME and user involvement and cross-project collaboration.

CONCORD addresses the identified challenges and conflicting interest within the community through structured discussions and meetings, while maintaining a neutral approach to the subject matter. CONCORD seeks consent and minimizes dominance by a few participants through a set of rules for participation and interactions.  CONCORD will focus on future oriented strategic planning for FI PPP and on bringing a valuable contribution via unbiased outsider attention to the FI PPP structure and processes. CONCORD will leverage on past work and investments when designing and facilitating the development of an overall system level programme view and collaboration across all FI PPP projects.