Lithuania Skills and Labor Market Evaluation
Procuring Authority: Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania
The project is structured around two stages of development. Stage I develops a methodology in the field of specialist demand analysis in the HT4. The methodology is designed to include the most appropriate methods of research that could be applied to research in various fields of scientific study, including the specificities involved in the HT4. It draws on methodologies and research approaches that have been developed and applied in OECD member countries as well as research and analysis developed by national government and international bodies. Two key characteristics of the methodology are its originality, i.e., while drawing on the experience of OECD member countries it is adaptable to the conditions prevailing in Lithuania, and its universality, i.e., where and when possible, it can be applied to research on specialist demand in fields other than the HT4.

Stage II involves the implementation of a pilot project on specialist demand in the HT4 in Lithuania. During this stage the project will select specialists responsible for science and technology development programs representing various disciplines and scientific institutions as well as institutions coordinating programs from the Ministry of Education and Science. These specialists will participate in the pilot in order to improve their ability to conduct advanced research in the field of specialist demand. During this phase of the project it is expected that training by, and interaction with, international experts will improve the abilities of Lithuanian experts to conduct such research independently and present recommendations on how to use the results of the research to improve the programs of specialist preparation.