Globalisation and Regional Economies: Case Studies in the Automotive Sector

Editor: NUTEK

Publication number: R 2007:11
Number of pages: 86 pages
Publisher: NUTEK

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In today’s globalising world, many regions are struggling to maintain their competitive edge. The regional specialisations built up over decades are transforming rapidly. Regions that were historically production centres in a given sector appear to be losing out to lower-cost locations and reorienting to higher value-added niches. However, even some of these upstream activities are being off-shored. How are regions responding to the challenges of globalisation and to changes in production systems? This Automotive sector report looks at different regional strategies to support and develop regional competitive advantages in Västra Götaland (Sweden), Turin (Italy), Detroit/Southeast Michigan (US) and Shanghai (China). Issues addressed include the shift from manufacturing-based regional economies to economies that focus on non-production activities; the implications of dependence on multinationals for a regional economy; and the local impact of investment in R&D and innovation in a globalised economy.